Singers and Musicians

Chris Male - Chris, alias SickSquid, is a well known keyboard player and singer on the Somerset music scene. He also produces and records music. For more details, please see

Anna Lewington - Anna is a world renowned author and ethno-botanist, and also a talented singer.

Alice Montgomery - Bass Clarinet, Violin and Vocals - Alice studied world music at Dartington and specialised in Bass Clarinet at Rotterdam Conservatory.


Other singers and musicians that I have worked with include:
Alan Brown
Ray Sargent
Nick Crump
Tim Laycock
Sophie Wright and John Anderson (North South Collide)
The Cutwater Band
Katy Pritchard
Shreen Harmony, Mere
Seventh Heaven Choir, Poole
Mike Dallenger
Robin Walter
Helen Pengelly
Jo Cullis
Lydia Aylward
Dave Knight (radiosonik)
Helen Porter
Dee Harrington and Hillary Charlesworth (Two's Company)
Brian Rose
Wimborne Community Theatre
Peter Quince Theatre Company