MP3 extracts of recorded songs
Track title Performers Duration File Size (KB)
Blink of an Eye Mark Pritchard, Anna Lewington 0:58 571
British Grenadier
Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery, Chris Male 0:47 463
Buckland Bells Mark Pritchard 0:46 452
(Pritchard/Pritchard & Porter)
The Otter Ensemble 1:15 741
Destiny of Dorset Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery 1:17 758
Down in Yon Forest
Mark Pritchard, Anna Lewington, Katy Pritchard, Eppie Parker 1:00 587
Dresden Skies Mark Pritchard, Katy Pritchard 1:29 878
Heights of Abraham Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery, 0:49 481
How Happy I'll be Mark Pritchard, Mike Dallenger 1:01 465
On this Hill Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery 0:41 408
Rose and the Yew
(lyrics from a poem by TS Elliot)
Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery 0:42 409
Sleeping in the Wind Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery,  Katy Pritchard 1:22 806
Ten Thousand Miles Mark Pritchard, Alice Montgomery, 0:51 503
The Keeper
Mark Pritchard, Anna Lewington, Katy Pritchard 0:57 587
Waltzing Matilda
(Banjo Patterson)
Mark Pritchard 0:54 537
What Child is this?
(lyrics William Chatterton Dix, tune traditional)
Mark Pritchard, Anna Lewington 1:00 563

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