I am a songwriter, singer, and musician, writing and performing music in all sorts of genres, from modern traditional songs through to show songs.
I am based in the Blackmore Vale in North Dorset in the West Country of England. I have been singing and playing since the age of 14 and perform in clubs and concerts from the Wessex area to as far afield as North Yorkshire. I play in folk clubs and at events both solo and with the Band Sylva. I work with local musicians producing demo recordings. I also work as a sound engineer for concerts. My songs cover many diverse subjects including environmental issues, football, slavery, and swing bins.

In Summer 2003 as part of English Nature’s ‘On Top Of The World’ programme, I worked with Wimborne Community Theatre, together with children from various local schools to write and perform music for a play on performed on Hambledon Hill entitled ‘Bare Bones – Secrets of the Hill’. The show reflected the history of the hill and its environment, intertwined with tales of local folklore.

From November 1999 to July 2001, I was involved, as a local composer and musician, on the Confluence Project, a 3-year arts project run by Common Ground, which followed the course of Dorset's River Stour, in all aspects of the performing arts. In the summer of 2000, I participated in Shaftesbury's community play called 'On the Green Rock' playing guitar and mandolin in the band.